About Morse Alpha

The “morse alpha” light signal – 1 short flash and 1 long flash – is typically used as the “leading light” to mark a safe harbor entrance either on a floating or fixed aid-to-navigation. It serves as a clear signal to seafarers, helping them make good navigational decisions and leading them to the harbor entrance, out of harm’s way and into port.

Much like the signal, Morse Alpha Associates provides “leading light” cyber consulting and advisory services, predominantly focused at the senior leader level, that help you make good decisions on your cyber voyage. There are any number of courses that you can chart – choosing the best one often requires an outside, objective look at your situation.

We have an experienced team of leaders, available to help you think through issues that impact your business. Assessing your internal cybersecurity posture including strategic governance and policy structures, reviewing your team’s ability to understand threat and risk to your networks and business, as well as their ability to respond effectively to intrusions and take appropriate action – all are part of the leadership level consulting and advisory services we provide.